About McWilliam Windsocks

McWilliam Sailmakers has been established since 1971 to be better than the standard.

In 1975 we bought our own plane to overcome delivery difficulties from Ireland to Europe. We found that it was impossible to buy a windsock that would last more than one year, so we made our own from sailmaking quality materials. Other fliers soon began to notice, and orders began to flow. We have grown into one of the largest windsock suppliers in the world.

We pride ourselves on our ability to provide top class service from our initial contact with our customers to our excellent on going service and distribution. We have a team of employees who will take care of all your needs and be happy to answer any queries you might have.

Originally designed for airfield use, the windsocks, swivels and masts are now increasingly sold to industrial and chemical plants. They are crucial for informing emergency services of the ambient wind direction and strength in the event of fire or gas leakage. Many industrial plants in Ireland need a windsock in order to comply with Environmental Protection Agency licensing requirements.

TroysWood Wastewater Treatment Plant

Irish Water is progressing work on a major project to improve water supply for residents of Kilkenny city and surrounding areas as part of the Kilkenny Regional Water Supply Scheme upgrade. This will benefit approximately 27,000 people by providing a more secure and reliable water supply for the City.

McWilliam Windsocks supplies windsocks for the Troyswood Water Treatment plant to satisfy their EPA license requirements.