About McWilliam Windsocks

McWilliam Sailmakers has been established since 1971 to be better than the standard.

In 1975 we bought our own plane to overcome delivery difficulties from Ireland to Europe. We found that it was impossible to buy a windsock that would last more than one year, so we made our own from sailmaking quality materials. Other fliers soon began to notice, and orders began to flow. We have grown into one of the largest windsock suppliers in the world.

We pride ourselves on our ability to provide top class service from our initial contact with our customers to our excellent on going service and distribution. We have a team of employees who will take care of all your needs and be happy to answer any queries you might have.

Originally designed for airfield use, the windsocks, swivels and masts are now increasingly sold to industrial and chemical plants. They are crucial for informing emergency services of the ambient wind direction and strength in the event of fire or gas leakage. Many industrial plants in Ireland need a windsock in order to comply with Environmental Protection Agency licensing requirements.




Airfield, Aerodrome, Helipad, Airport - windsocks for every location.


Oil, Gas, Pharma, Petrochemical, Offshore, Onshore - windsocks for every industry.

Worldwide Distribution

With trusted agents worldwide and international shipping - no matter where you are you can benefit from a McWilliam Windsock


All McWilliam Windsock products are made to withstand the harshest environments on earth. UV, Salt, Rust, Abrasion resistant.


McWilliam Windsocks are made from the highest quality materials available - and have undergone years of rigorous testing all over the world. Their longevity is unmatched.


Trusted by the most demanding companies in Ireland and across the world. McWilliam Windsocks have proven themselves time and time again - trust what has been proven.

Requirements Analysis

Upon receiving your quotation request we determine the exact requirements of the project. There are a wide range of requirements such as operating temperatures, height, frame size, materials, hazardous area requirements etc


Quotation Iteration

Once we have determine the full requirements of the project we can then provide an accurate quotation. This process is iterative as we make recommendations to our clients if we feel there is a better solution available than the one proposed in the original specification.

Proofing and Design

Once our quotation has been accepted and a plan of action is agreed we proceed to the design phase. This can be a relatively short period if the project requires standard units to fulfill requirements. For example, a chemical or oil & gas site will require standard mast and windsock sizes depending on the site location and visibility. However a offshore rig may require specialized mounting and windsock sizes to be compliant with its particular environmental challenges.



Once the design phase is complete the units then proceed immediately to manufacturing. The windsocks themselves are manufactured in our custom facility using automated CAD cutting machinery and industrial sewing machine. We have been sailmakers for over 40 years to we know what is needed to withstand the harshest environments on the planet. All metalwork is manufactured under strict quality control by highly skilled precision engineers. They follow detailed drawings and specification produced in the design phase. Bearings and moving parts are all checked and tested. Items are bulk galvanized if required.


When all items are manufactured and quality tested they are disassembled where necessary and stacked for shipment. We have been shipping windsock equipment worldwide for over 30 years using our trusted freight forwarders to ensure all items arrive safely and on time.

Customer Inspection and Installation

Once arrived on site we strongly encourage our customers to inspect all materials for requirement compliance. Once approved installation is very straight forward. All are units are designed to be fitted and maintained using minimal staff and equipment. Once fitted their reliability becomes evident - requiring little to no maintenance except the occasional replacement of a worn windsock.

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